Proprietary Earth-friendly Chemicals
Complete Sustainable Maintenance Program
High Performance Diamond Abrasives



‣ First cut grinding aid for hard floors.
‣ Highly effective dye for polished concrete floors.
‣ Crack filler and repair system.
‣ Premium hardeners & densifiers.
‣ Surface pore filler.
‣ Protect and seal finished surfaces.



Sustainable maintenance & stain remediation
for polished concrete floors


‣ Uniquely engineered pads for easy stain removal
‣ Daily maintenance long life hard surface cleaning and polishing pads
‣ Daily cleaner concentrate – neutral pH grease cutting cleaner
‣ Floor Conditioner – clean and condition polished surface


While diamond abrasive manufacturers continue to promote older technology and low tooling cost above all, the ECOGUARD team focuses on R&D to reduce labor costs while manufacturing highly efficient diamond abrasives using the latest technology available.

Although inexpensive diamond tooling reduces initial costs, once you factor in total labor and tool wear per square foot/meter, the reality and results are often not in balance. 

Our sole focus is to resolve known problems in all aspects of polishing concrete and maintaining polished floors to pristine-like original condition over the long-term.  


The numerous steps/passes one has to accomplish to gain an enviable gloss and high surface tension, opens the door for frustration under already challenging conditions. 

Existing concrete, new concrete – doesn’t matter – each job, each slab presents its own set of challenges.

 ECOGUARD systems provides field-tested and proven efficient systems for all polished concrete conditions. 



We are committed to simplify the process, lower costs, improve efficiency and deliver equal to or better than any other system on the market with substantial labor reduction.

We consistently search for ways to improve the performance of the contractor and use 21st century technology to create diamond abrasives that increase the contractor’s bottom line.


We strongly support and are committed to Green technology, earth & user friendly high-performance chemicals, advanced diamond abrasive engineering, and sustainable long term maintenance programs using patent-pending abrasive pads, combined with our 25 years of field experience.

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Green & Sustainable

Our products are ecofriendly and derived from sustainable sources.


Low-cost, long-term maintenance program

We provide maintenance to ensure maximum length of life.


Maximum LEED Credits

Using EcoGuard products gives you maximum LEED Credits.


Best Crack Repair System

“I have used lots of different crack repair systems and by far the ECOGUARD Crack Repair is the best.”

Best Heavy Coatings Removal

“I’ve tried a bunch of different tooling on heavy coatings removal and the RIPPERS are the best I’ve ever used! Saves me tremendous time & labor costs!”

– JG, Uniqfloorz, New York

Unbeatable Quality

“We use the entire line of ECOGUARD products for all of our concrete polishing work. From the PRE-GRIND to the POLISHIELD protective finish, the quality of the products, labor savings and cost per square feet can’t be beat!”

– Greg Yeaman, ProSurface Solutions

Phenomenal Results

“We have been using the ECOGUARD Complete Concrete polishing system for over 3 years and the results are phenomenal! Why go anywhere else when you can get all your chemicals and tooling from one place!”

– MK, Uniqfloorz, New York


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