Watergloss Pads

Watergloss polishing resin pads demonstrate all of the advantages of ceramic with none of the wear factors or undesirable ghosting or abrasion lines on the outer edge of the tool.  

The diamonds are embedded in a cutting-edge, ceramic-like resin bond and demonstrate excellent cutting and polishing, mounted on individual heads which contour the floor completely. The resulting gloss and distinction of image is greatly enhanced by this process. 

We continually adapt based on our customer’s feedback. Starting in April 2018, we improved the performance of the Watergloss resins by nearly doubling the diamond load. This along with using `combination grits has resulted in smooth non-scratching transitions, from one tool to the next.  

All Watergloss pads are  “Ready to Use”, meaning: dressing of the tooling is not needed. 


  • Professional tool for mirror finish of concrete floors

  • Elimination of scratches using # 100

  • Grits available from 15 to 3, 000 – NO scratches

  • Ideal for all PREP work without face grinding

  • Made to abate orange peel & polish hard floors

  • Ideal to apply & remove ECOGUARD Pore Filler


  • Extremely quick tool change

  • Cross-grinding pattern recommended

  • Universal tool for many floor types

  • Very high grinding pressure

Floor Types

  • Concrete

  • Self-leveling floors

  • Terrazzo (Cement base)

Compatible Machines

  • Planetary

  • Rotary

Stingray Pucks

Not just another universal resin “puck”, which we engineered due to the popularity of using universal tooling. At 3″ diameter, the STINGRAY resin pucks can adapt to most grinders on the market today. 

So, what’s the difference between ours and the rest? 

  • Diamond load – highest concentration of diamond abrasives

  • Ceramic like resin compound with extended life

  • Removes the need to use hybrid tooling from metal bond to resin transition

  • Proprietary fillers maintain the puck cooler

  • Custom designed to allow flow of ground dirt between raised segments

  • 3mm diamond resin base plate allows transition to new puck without scratching 

  • Neoprene industrial strength loop for durability and cushion effect

  • Engineered blend of high performance diamond abrasives for unsurpassed results


  • Professional tool for polishing concrete floors

  • Elimination of scratches using # 100

  • # 15 to # 30 Grit for Surface Prep with minimal scratch pattern

  • Excellent to abate orange peel on polished concrete floor


  • Quick tool change

  • Cross-grinding pattern recommended

  • Universal tool for all concrete floor hardness

  • Well distributed grinding pressure

  • From 15 Grit 200 Grit for grinding and 400 to 3000 polishing  applications

Floor Types

  • Concrete

  • Terrazzo (Cement based)


  • Planetary

  • Rotary

    Edge Watergloss

    Hand polishing resins available in 5” & 7” Diameter

    The Edge-watergloss polishing pads are manufactured specifically for hand-held grinders to polish edges, stairs threads, around columns in exposed areas, and other hard to reach, yet exposed flooring surfaces.

    The Edge-Watergloss resin pads are fitted with specifically engineered diamond resin stones for hand-held grinders. The stones are embedded and mounted on a fibrous pad for easier removal and cushioned grinding.  

    • Available in grits from 15 thru 3,000

    • Easy to remove and change out with no breakage

    • Excellent grinding and polishing properties

    • Designed ergonomically for easier handling and use on hand held grinders

    • Little to no resin residual marks

    • Excellent gloss and DOI potential based on desired levels

    • Perfect match to Watergloss polishing resin finish – avoids shadow line.

    • Excellent on stair threads for vibrant, gloss finish


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