The GREEN SOLUTION to an easy first grind
for polished concrete floor applications.


  • An excellent surface cleaner & etching comound
  • Allows for the use of higher grit metal bonds on the first cut/grind
  • Easy to apply with HVLP sprayer
  • Higher grit first cut/grind promotes a consistent Salt ‘n Pepper finish
  • De-greases and emulsifies oil and grease in one application
  • Promotes a cleaner surface and reduces diamond wear
  • Very user friendly – no odor or harmful vapors



ECOGUARD Pre-Grind is a water based concentrate, non-hazardous biodegradable cleaner and etching compound formulated for preparing concrete surfaces for easier grinding using higher grit metal diamonds on the first cut to obtain a quick and clean exposed Salt n’ Pepper surface, or a clean Cream polish finish using low grit resin diamond abrasives.

ECOGUARD Pre-Grind is formulated using organic acids and surfactants made from naturally occurring materials, which makes it safer to use and just as effective as traditional hydrochloric or phosphoric based solutions.


ECOGUARD Pre-Grind can be diluted up to 1: 3 with clean, potable water, depending on the surface condition. Use a more concentrated solution for heavily contaminated surfaces or to speed etching process. Coverage is approximately 200 square feet per gallon after dilution and is dependent on concrete porosity. Coverage is typical be for hard or mechanically troweled finished concrete.


ECOGUARD Pre-Grind is applied by use of a plastic pump up sprayer. After spraying, etching is immediate and generates a foam and fizzing reaction with the concrete. Allow to react for about 10 minutes, then saturate with water using a plastic pump up sprayer. Grind your first pass wet, ensuring to turn off your dust control system. As you grind, a “mud” buildup will appear. Further grinding accelerates the evaporation of the water and dusting starts. Once you reach that stage, turn on your dust control system, and continue grinding until you achieve the desired texture finish. Clean off dust residue, and continue to the next step.


If the surface reaction is not noticeable after applying the ECOGUARD Pre-Grind, the concrete may have a sealer, or coating barrier that is preventing cleaner absorption.

In this case, to grind off the coating, we recommend the use of ECOGUARD BEAR CLAW or RIPPER tools for such removal. If heavy grease or soaked-in oil are present, pre-clean with Concrete Earth C-25 Citrus Solve degreaser before applying the ECOGUARD Pre-Grind.

LEED CREDIT CONSIDERATIONS: Materials and Resources: MR Credit 1.2-Building re-use. Indoor Environmental Quality: EQ Credits 4.2: Low emitting materials (VOC < 25 g/L). MR Credits 5.2: Regional materials-Greater than 20% extracted, processed and manufactured regionally at production location: Lemont, Illinois 60439. 90% Content- Harvested within 500 miles. MR Credits 6.2: Rapidly renewable materials.


We started using EcoGuard PreGrind a month ago and quickly noticed increased production levels with grinding heavy troweled concrete. Excellent product to include in our “tool box”. The benefits definitely outweigh the cost. Thank you for this great product! 

Jon Hancock

Garage Revolution, LLC


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