Professional High Tech Pore Filler Hardener

Ideal composite to fill small voids created on the initial grinding pass.

Due to its special formulation,  Pore Filler achieves a very stable bond, combined with ground concrete solids. 

The resulting slurry dries to demonstrate both high-tensile and pore filling features and a concrete surface that is far easier to polish.

ECOGUARD Pore Filler - Professional results in 1 step!

  • Hardening of the floor surface
  • Scratch-free grinding
  • Fills surface pores up to 5mm deep/wide
  • Fills craze cracks
  • Can be tinted with COLOR INFUSION
  • No harmful vapors
  • Little to no environmental impact on disposal



  • After grinding step MB # 30/40 or 50/60 the water based Pore Filler is sprayed onto the floor surface.
  • Grind in a cross-grinding pattern using a # 100 specially configured Pore Filler pad.
  • Achieve a pudding-like mud consistency slurry
  • Continue to grind until the slurry starts to solidify and dry to a sticky paste.
  • After 60 minutes or so, dry grind until all residue is completely removed from the surface
  • Follow up dry with #400 Watergloss pad or equivalent Stingray puck with vacuum running.


  • Easy to store
  • Sold ready-to-use – no dilution needed.
  • May be tinted with COLOR INFUSION if needed
  • Contains hardeners & proprietary resin compounds
  • Heat and acid resistant
  • Combines with any of the ECOGUARD hardeners to create a water repellent surface
  • Increases surface abrasion resistance


I was completely blown away that I had a beautiful gloss after using my  100 grit Resin pads and Ecoguard™ Pore Filler – it just got better from there!! 

W. Bauer

Concreative Design - Boise, ID


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