ECOGUARD Polishield

Excellent protection against stains.
Durable and Easy to maintain.


  • High resistance to heavy duty traffic and abuse.
  • Permeates into the concrete surface to resist stains and contaminant ingress.
  • Promotes a high gloss base and excellent DOI.
  • Demonstrates excellent slip resistance
  • Protects & extends cleanup window for all types of spills.
  • Promotes a rich color hue for integrally colored concrete.
  • Enhances the color of topically applied dyes.
  • Easily maintained to ensure continuous stain protection and desired finish.
  • Engineered to work with the Ecoguard Daily Maintenance System.
  • Retains an excellent gloss factor and DOI.


POLISHIELD is applied by spaying sparingly using a pump-up sprayer and spread out with a synthetic micro-fiber applicator.

It only requires ONE application, to ensure good penetration, bond and minimize dry time.

POLISHIELD can be burnished after one hour, but to obtain maximum gloss, DOI, and hardness, it should cure for at least 6 hours and preferably overnight post application. After the appropriate dry/cure time, finish using a high speed burnisher fitted with a medium hogs hair pad and buff to a high reflective finish.


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