Metal Bond Diamond Tools

Maximum Efficiency and Life 
High-quality diamond metal bonds manufactured specifically for NEW GRIND Grinders.

new grind TURbo

Unique properties to maximize efficiency, speed, and the life of the tool. Universal use.

Available in single, double or triple segments, in SOFT, MED and HARD bond.


  • Highest diamond content in its class
  • Diamond elements are double coated w/ Nickel & Titanium for extended life
  • Contain 70-100% Cobalt – based on bond hardness – no cheap substitutes.
  • Immediate cutting action by design – no dressing of the segments needed.
  • Very efficient cutting/grinding for fast results without undesirable scratches
  • Follow with WaterGloss Polishing pads or Stingray pucks to polish
  • Result in significant labor savings


unique coatings , underlay & overly material removal tool 

Great surface prep tool – aggressive, fast, leaves a clean surface profile for re-application of glue or coatings.

Available in both LEFT & RIGHT facing claws

Bear claw is a completely out of the box concept, that combines sharp angles surface cutting with tungsten carbide shielding allowing a longer lasting tool.
The engineering and materials result in unsurpassed removal of adhesives, underlayment’s, thin set, and up to 10 mils coating, with an excellent surface profile

  • Fast removal of adhesive & hard residual glue.
  • Fast and effective removal of PU/Epoxy coatings up to 10 mils.
  • Excellent surface profile for re-application of adhesives or coatings.
  • Fast removal of self-leveling cement floor


New Grind Hypergrind

Proprietary and uniquely engineered metal bond segments used only on HARD/VERY HARD concrete surfaces for rapid grinding and exposure to the desired texture.

    • 5mm wide ribbed segments

    • High point pressure uniquely engineered for very hard concrete

    • Effective grinding in 50/60 grit for fast exposure to Salt n’ Pepper or 30/40 for Exposed Aggregate

    • Controlled scratch pattern – easy to recoup on 2nd pass

    • Easily finish with Watergloss or Stingray resin pads for accelerated completion to the desired gloss/clarity



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