Most people overlook the importance of concrete fillers. Pore fillers are essential in polishing a concrete surface since they make it easy to apply a uniform coat of paint. Without these essential fillers, the floor or wall color would be uneven and the integrity of your paint could be at risk.


There are numerous types of concrete fillers. The common concrete crack repair primers are oil-based, water based, or latex. The choice of the pore filler you will use to fill concrete patches depends significantly on your desired outcomes.


Water Based Pore Fillers


Water based pore fillers are perhaps the most common in polishing before paint application. These pore fillers boast of numerous benefits absent in other filers. Let’s explore some of these benefits.


1. Affordability


Cost is one of the most crucial considerations when choosing different products. Considering that patching polished concrete surfaces is an expensive undertaking, it becomes even more important to be conscious of the cost involved. In fact, the price of concrete fillers usually costs more than the labor as a whole. Luckily, water based primers are quite cheap and readily available.


2. Low Volatile Organic Compounds


Environmental conservation is of paramount importance. As the name suggests, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are volatile synthetic materials that evaporate in the air during application. These compounds add synthetic chemicals in the air posing numerous hazards to your home or business. Luckily, water based pore fillers come with low or no VOCs. They are the best choice for not only your concrete surfaces.


3. Faster Application


Water-based pore fillers can be applied immediately without necessarily waiting for the concrete surface to cure. In contrast, other filers must wait for the curing period to lapse. Typically, a concrete floor takes 28 days to cure. You must wait for this period if you need to perform grinding or polishing. Water based pore fillers are your best bet if you want to avoid this inconvenience. The immediate application reduces the completion period significantly.


4. Myriad of Application


Unlike other primers, water based pore fillers boast of a wide array of applications. Besides concrete, you can use it on softwood and galvanized metal.


5. Easy Cleaning


When polishing your concrete surface, you will need to get rid of unwanted substances. Water primers do only ease the cleaning process but also make it less time-consuming. In contrast, other fillers contain synthetic chemicals that are difficult to clean. These primers might also need harsh cleaning materials such as alcohol.


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