Stain Removal & Sustainable Daily Maintenance System

Uniquely engineered diamond abrasive pads
for rotary cleaning equipment


  • Daily cleanser
  • Floor conditioner
  • Diamond abrasive & polishing pads engineered for auto-scrubbers
  • Quick stain recovery without chemicals
  • Technical advice and remediation assistance
  • On site training for in-house janitorial staff
  • Environmentally Safe
  • User Friendly
  • Odorless
Concrete Choice offers a sustainable and long term hard floor maintenance program, specifically engineered for polished concrete surfaces.

ECOGUARD is the only system specifically targeted to answer the challenges of the retail food service industry. It is comprised of a complete system from diamond abrasive pads to environmentally friendly chemical compounds for daily and periodic maintenance programs.

The recommended maintenance regimen program facilitates comprehensive budgets for polished concrete floors. This is made possible through the association of installation contractors, janitorial companies and Concrete Choice personnel through an exclusive training program.

Each service provider is thoroughly schooled on the proper system use of our abrasives and maintenance chemicals to ensure the long term sustainability and floor integrity.

The ECOGUARD Total Maintenance program is based on a series of specialty manufactured diamond pad abrasives which are specifically designed to meet the standards of performance restrictions with auto-scrubbers (low RPM and head pressure).

The program provides a systemic solution to perform repairs, remove stains and perform daily cleaning during off hours with no down time and no traffic restrictions.

For the retail food service industry, the ECOGUARD Maintenance program provides a proprietary solution to known problems with organic acids and other food groups reputed for polished concrete floor staining and contamination.

The POLISHIELD protective finish guards against stains, marring, heel marks, abrasion wear, salts/deicers and heavy foot traffic and contamination which is often more pronounced at the entrance and in the fresh vegetable and fruit areas of the store.

Our total system is engineered to provide a superior finish and protective barrier without forming atypical membrane coating as in most acrylic/urethane type protective floor finishes. This results in a crisp, clean, non-distorted reflective finish which is directly related to the level of gloss and distinction of image/clarity which is purported by the polishing process itself.

We are pleased to offer on-site demonstrations for the ECOGUARD Maintenance Program on a per location basis or on multi-store contracts in certain geographic locations for value assessment and functionality.


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