Hyper Grind Metal bonds

Proprietary and uniquely engineered metal bond segments used only on HARD/VERY HARD concrete surfaces for rapid grinding and exposure to the desired texture

bear claw Metal

Bear claw is a completely out of the box concept, that combines sharp angles surface cutting with tungsten carbide shielding allowing a longer-lasting tool.


ECOGUARD Pre-Grind is a water-based concentrate, non-hazardous biodegradable cleaner, and etching compound formulated for preparing concrete surfaces for easier grinding using higher grit metal diamonds on the first cut to obtain a quick and clean exposed Salt n’ Pepper surface, or a clean Cream polish finish using low grit resin diamond abrasives.

Turbo Metal

With the highest diamond content in its class, the unique properties maximize efficiency, speed, and the life of the tool, Universal use.

Available in SOFT, MED, and, HARD bonds.

The Ecoguard polishing

The Ecoguard polishing process. Watch us turn a 40-year-old warehouse floor into a mirror finish using Ecoguard’s specialized tooling to accomplish in just 7 steps! Ecoguard’s Concrete Polishing System can be used on new or old concrete surfaces with various grades of strength and surface tension, as well as cement-based Terrazzo.

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Water Gloss

Watergloss polishing resin pads demonstrate all of the advantages of ceramic with none of the wear factors or undesirable ghosting or abrasion lines on the outer edge of the tool. The diamonds are embedded in a cutting-edge, ceramic-like resin bond and demonstrate excellent cutting and polishing, mounted on individual heads which contour the floor completely. 

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Pollishield Floor

crack repair kit

ECOGUARD Crack repair system is a two part (A & B)
resinous compound,which effectively repairs non-
moving cracks and surface damage using recycled glass
spheres and recollected cement dust from grinding

why Ecoguard

Find out why Ecoguard tools and
systems are the right choice for
your polishing job.

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New Grind Concrete

New Grind’s products are designed by professional contractors, for professional contractors. Improving the way you work by supplying the most innovative, adaptable, cutting-edge machines and systems in the marketplace. We are setting the standard for floor grinding equipment!

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Best Crack Repair System

“I have used lots of different crack repair systems and by far the ECOGUARD Crack Repair is the best.”

Joel G – Uniqfloorz, New York, NY

Best Heavy Coatings Removal

“I’ve tried a bunch of different tooling on heavy coatings removal and the RIPPERS are the best I’ve ever used! Saves me tremendous time & labor costs!”

Joel G. – Uniqconcrete, New York, NY

Unbeatable Quality

“We use the entire line of ECOGUARD products for all of our concrete polishing work. From the PRE-GRIND to the POLISHIELD protective finish, the quality of the products, labor savings and cost per square feet can’t be beat!”

– Greg Y. – ProSurface Solutions, Edmond, OK

Phenomenal Results

“We have been using the ECOGUARD Complete Concrete polishing system for over 3 years and the results are phenomenal! Why go anywhere else when you can get all your chemicals and tooling from one place!”

– Malik K., Uniqfloorz, New York, NY

Increased Production

“We started using EcoGuard™ PreGrind a month ago and quickly noticed increased production levels with grinding heavy troweled concrete.

Excellent product to include in our “tool box”. The benefits definitely outweigh the cost. Thank you for this great product!”

Jon H. – Garage Revolution, Omaha, NE

Blown away!

“I was completely blown away that I had a beautiful gloss after using my 100 grit Resin pads and Ecoguard™ Pore Filler – it just got better from there!!”

Wes B. – Concreative Design, Boise, ID

Incredibly fast removal!

“I was called out assist another polishing company to remove a thick layer of glue and cementitious underlayment. Over 2 days, they barely completed half of the removal of 2,400 SF.

I fitted my grinder with the RIPPERS and FINISHED the other half in only 2 1/2 hours!! Everyone was in shock and needless to say, wanted to know where to buy the tooling! I wanted you to share this with your other customers.”

Jose L  – Lopez Concrete, Chicago, IL


“ECOGUARD Pre-Grind is awesome!! It saved me at least a day of grinding after we tried using super soft bond metal bonds we had on hand which glazed over after 2-3 passes. After Pre-Grind, we cut right thru the top and saved big time on tooling wear.

I’ll be using Pre-Grind on every polish job we have that is new concrete from here on. It not only makes your first cut more uniform, it also helps create a uniform color on every type of concrete. Thanks!!!”

Ben R.  – TN Concrete Restorations, Murfreesboro, TN

Best performing diamonds...

“The  Hyopergrind metal bonds are probably the best diamonds I’ve ever used for exposing aggregate.

I’m very happy with the Watergloss resin pads for 100, 200 and 400 grits, and chemicals as well.


Brandon D. – Business Environments, Albuquerque, NM