Daily Maintenance Cleaner continuously maintains the floor finish to its peak while removing stains, grease and oils from the floor surface in the usual cleaning process using the Daily Cleaning pads. This helps prevent wear areas and visible traffic paths often observed in high traffic lanes.

Daily Maintenance Cleaner is a pH neutral degreaser and conditioner engineered to work specifically with the Daily Maintenance Pad. It is a highly concentrated formula that does not leave any streaks and enhances surface gloss.


  • 1 oz. per gallon of water
  • Industrial strength cleaner
  • Removes stains and returns the original color
  • Enhances and maintains POLISHIELD treated polished concrete floors.
  • Returns the original gloss to the floor surface
  • Suitable for heavy traffic conditions
  • Regulates costs for maintenance and daily cleaning
  • Excellent for the removal of black skid marks


Daily Cleaner is easily poured directly into the water tank of any of the following:

  • Rotary cleaning machine
  • Single-disc rotary scrubber
  • Walk-behind or ride-on auto-scrubber


  • Maintains the original color and gloss of the floor
  • Excellent with floors under heavy load and foot traffic
  • Ideal for polished concrete floors and cementitious terrazzo.
  • Requires minimum manpower to apply
  • Highly concentrated and very cost effective
  • Complimented by the FLOOR CONDITIONER applied at periodic intervals.
  • Engineered to conserve the integrity POLISHIELD treated floors


We started using EcoGuard PreGrind a month ago and quickly noticed increased production levels with grinding heavy troweled concrete. Excellent product to include in our “tool box”. The benefits definitely outweigh the cost. Thank you for this great product! 

Jon Hancock

Garage Revolution, LLC


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