Rapid Filler For Deep and Wide Repairs.

2 part compound, repairs non-moving cracks and surface damage to match the surrounding floor.

Chemical description

The invisible concrete Crack Repair kit is a polyol mixture (Di, polyisocyanate) for the production of polyurethanes.

Used on existing concrete floors, it forms a high-tensile and insoluble bond as a perfect and durable bonding filler in cracks and holes on the concrete surface.



Crack & Surface Repair must be blended and mixed without air bubbles prior to application. Both components A and B are mixed at the specified ratio of 1: 1

Typical mix example:

  • 1 part Surface & Crack Repair Part A
  • 1 part Surface & Crack Repair Part B
  • 1 part Ceramic spheres
  • 1 part of ground concrete dust

Mix Part A & B for at least 30 seconds (Use small wire whisk and cordless screw driver)Add Glass bubbles and cement powder and blend thoroughly prior to use


Pour and apply into cracks and large surface depressions. Spread with a disposable putty knife to level with the floor surface. Ensure a dust free and clean working surfaces to achieve a strong bond. Read all Tech data prior to use.


ECOGUARD Crack & Surface Repair is a two-component PU for refinishing or filling of concrete cracks, holes, and other depressions. It can also be applied as a single-layer surface cover up to 12 mm thick in two applications. This product is micro-fiber reinforced & available in two set times of 15 and 30 min.

  • For external and internal application
  • Extremely durable
  • Fills small and deep pores, cracks and larger holes.
  • Frost-proof after curing
  • Easily blended to natural concrete floor color.
  • Can be tinted with added color and aggregate.
  • May be ground within 45 minutes of set time.
  • Full cure in 12 hours
  • Suitable for very heavy equipment traffic

Concrete surfaces treated with Crack & Surface Repair are resistant to heavy oils , many acids, cleaning agents, as well as alkali solvents. Please read Tech Data sheets for complete application details.


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