ECOGUARD Color Infusion

High Tech Water Soluble Dye For Polished Concrete Floors

ECOGUARD™ Color Infusion offers all of the advantages of solvent based dye solutions, with none of the fumes or flammability issues.
ECOGUARD™ Color Infusion dyes are designed to penetrate well into the concrete matrix, and can be polished to a high level with minimal to no color loss. Color Infusion is a sustainable, long lasting, easy to apply and maintain color medium. Color Infusion is manufactured with high quality dyes, specifically engineered for polished concrete applications. Color Infusion dyes are ideal for polished concrete floors for commercial floors exposed to high traffic such as terminals, lobbies, showroom floors, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, malls, and more.



  • Water soluble – completely water insoluble once dry!
  • Concentrate dilution rate of 1 to 7 parts water
  • Can be diluted with PORE FILLER for deeper color
  • Deep color hues with high coverage
  • Little to no color loss during the polishing process
  • Blends well with our HG Lithium Densifier for enhanced color depth

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