Premium Cupwheels


Ideal for lightweight machines. Economical yet inspiring in performance. Engineered for maximum efficiency on concrete, stone, terrazzo, and cementitious overlayments.

 Manufactured under Patented Forging production process.

  • Guarantees consistency of the highest quality
  • Contains a high volume of diamond abrasives for excellent performance
  • Perfectly balanced segments due to precision welding process
  • Extreme resistance to segment cracks results in high safety
  • Promotes low vibration balanced tools from beginning until complete usage
  • Optimized design of steel plate base results in very efficient dust collection


  • Edge grinding # 30/40
  • Grinding of commercial/industrial floors
  • Low priced MB alternative


  • Easy to use, scratch free grinding pattern
  • Aggressive removal with maximum abrasive surface

Floor Types

  • Concrete
  • Terrazzo
  • Marble

All hand-held grinders with proper adapter holding plate.


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