Proudly made in the USA.

About us

Concrete Choice, LLC (CC) manufactures proprietary diamond abrasives for grinding and polishing of Concrete flooring, as well as eco-friendly supporting chemicals and maintenance system under the ECOGUARD™ brand.

Our sole focus is concrete grinding and polishing, with a strong emphasis on a systemic approach to attain desirable results with greater efficiency and labor cost reductions.

CC is one of a handful of diamond abrasive manufacturers in the US of any consequence, and exclusive in its capacity to manufacture and distribute diamond tooling, supporting chemicals, and sustainable maintenance systems.

Due to our central location, we can ship anywhere in the continental US under expedited terms at very affordable rates.

Advantages of doing business with CC:  

  1. Quickly shipped anywhere in the Continental US within one day if needed.
  2. Advanced and proven technology at very competitive prices.
  3. Private label production with small run capabilities
  4. Fast response on technical support.
  5. A system-based approach to polished concrete flooring solutions from a single source.

NOTE: Ecoguard metal bond segments are manufactured in Europe under exclusive agreement and approved engineering guidelines by CC and assembled in the US.

Ecoguard branded diamond resin stones, Watergloss pads, Stringray universal pucks, EZ Stain and Daily maintenance pads, and all supporting chemicals, are engineered and manufactured at our Kankakee facility in Illinois.

Our Mission

We are committed to sound growth and strategies to establish our company as a premier provider and manufacturer of environmentally responsible products for the Polished Concrete Industry, proudly made in the USA.

Our mission is simple:

Deliver value to our customers

Our motto is to further the excellence of US manufacturing and constantly innovate to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Invest in our employees

Provide a nurturing environment, fair compensation, and important benefits. We support additional training and education to help develop new skills for our rapidly expanding and changing business.

Deal fairly and ethically with our suppliers

We are dedicated to fostering good relationships as partners to our suppliers, large and small, who help us meet our mission.

Support the community in which we work

We believe it is important to respect the people in our communities and protect the environment by employing sustainable practices.

Foster and promote diversity, inclusion, dignity and respect for all

We strongly support America’s core values.    




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