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ECOGUARD Pore Filler

The GREEN SOLUTION to filling all pores

depressions, and small crack in concrete surfaces.

An incredible time saver and concrete “evener”. Simply put, it represents a major breakthrough in a one step densification and hardening process, combined with a thermally reactive water borne resin which reacts with the ground cement, and creates a paste, filling all pores, depressions, and small cracks up to 5 mm in depth/width. 

Pore Filler is a water based compound consisting of a proprietary blend of silicates and thermally cured resin which effectively hardens and fills surface depressions and hairline cracks up to 5 mm in depth/width. It is a concentrate that can be blended from 1:3 to 1:9 with clean, potable water based on the hardness and porosity of the concrete matrix. The resulting floor surface is void of small pores and depressions and surface tension is greatly increased to provide a high gloss finish and a 1/3 reduction in labor costs and tooling wear.


One step hardener and pore filler which dries very quickly and utilizes ground cement to create a completely smooth and color matched surface fill:

  • Unique formulation of hardener silicates and resinous filler.
  • Blends with ground up concrete to create a hard grout filler.
  • Fills out surface pores/pits and small cracks up to 5mm.
  • Dries quickly to a surface grout like residual.
  • Surface excess is easily removed using a 100 diamond resin abrasive.
  • Leaves the surface smooth and ready to polish.
  • Promotes a fast and early gloss finish in less steps.
  • Reduces labor cost by almost 30% to achieve a high gloss finish.
  • Enhances surface abrasion resistance to it’s highest level.


A water based concentrated, non-hazardous biodegradable cleaning and etching compound.

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Pore Filler

Pore Filler fills cracks, holes, scratches and hardens the surface all in one. It is a must have to develop the highest quality polished overlayment product.

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Crack Repair Kit

2 part compound, repairs non-moving cracks and surface damage to match the surrounding floor. 

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Color Infusion

A uniquely formulated water soluble dye concentrate with better color depth and retention than solvent based dyes and none of the related hazards.

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