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ECOGUARD MaxGloss -Protective Barrier

The GREEN SOLUTION to a high gloss floor finish

for polished concrete surfaces.

MaxGloss - Primer
  •  Penetrates into the surface matrix for a permanent protective barrier
  •  Promotes stain and contaminant resistance
  •  Promotes a high reflective gloss with excellent Distinction Of Image (DOI)
  •  Non-film forming using NEA chemistry and physics technology
MaxGloss - Finish
  •  Complements the Primer with a non-film forming topical barrier
  •  Easily applied and fast drying
  •  Promotes a very high reflective finish and gloss
  •  Provides surface stain protection and additional abrasion wear protection
  •  Excellent slip and fall characteristics under wet and dry conditions
MaxGloss PLUS - Primer
  •  High concentrate for Heavy Duty traffic and abuse
  •  Permeates the surface concrete matrix to block out stains and contaminants
  •  Promotes a high gloss base and excellent DOI
  •  Strong resistance to organic acids stops contamination into the concrete surface matrix

MaxGloss PLUS - Finish
  •  Final coating to promote a heavy duty barrier against tough stains such as white vinegar
  •  High abrasion wear resistance
  •  Blocks water, acid  & oil  intrusion
  •  Protects against corrosive organic acids for an extended cleanup window
  •  Promotes an easy maintenance system and desired gloss finish
Advanced technology and German ingenuity introduce a truly penetrating, non-membrane forming surface protective finish that will absolutely dazzle with brilliance and color enhancement.

 1. MAXGLOSS Primer is applied thinly by spraying and spreading with a micro fiber applicator. It is absorbed into the concrete, enhancing and darkening the color of the substrate or dye if any and within 20 to 30 minutes is quickly buffed off with a high speed burnisher and the ECOGUARD Hypergloss pad.
2. MAXGLOSS Finish is applied thinly using a micro fiber applicator and allowed to dry to the touch. Re-apply 2-3 times keeping the coatings thin. Once complete dry and hard – normally 4-6 hours – high speed burnish using the HYPERGLOSS pad to a very high, reflective finish with excellent DOI and depth.
The MAXGLOSS system comes in concentrate and diluted with clean water as follows:
      1. 1:9 for the Primer
      2. 1:9 for the Finish - it is also recommended to use 1:12 for multiple, thin applications to allow a gradual layered build up for maximum protection. 3-5 coats can be applied in this manner and allowed to dry overnight for maximum hardness, shine and resistance to contaminant ingress.
Absolutely non-film forming – this product does not leave a surface membrane as with acrylic based sacrificial floor finish compounds. It is not a wax.
It is a VERY effective anti slipping agent under DRY & WET conditions. e. It can be maintained very easily with our DAILY CLEANSER & FLOOR CONDITIONER additive, using auto scrubbing equipment fitted with our ECOGUARD Maintenance pads. The Daily Cleanser is used daily and the Floor Conditioner is used weekly and blended with standard clean water when cleaning the floor during regular maintenance.
Periodic re-application of the MAXGLOSS Finish can easily be done by the maintenance staff using micro fiber applicators. There are no stripping requirements, as there is not film forming residual sealer to strip off.
The longevity of the MAXGLOSS system has been proven under harsh environments, and should be re-applied according to foot/wear patterns load. As an example of sustainability, a study was done at an AUDI manufacturing plant in Germany. Working continuously 24/7 in a production area of the plant, the MAXGLOSS was maintained during daily routine cleaning by adding the MAXGLOSS Daily Cleanser to the water tank of the auto scrubber. Then, once to two times a week, the MAXGLOSS Floor Conditioner was added to the water of the auto-scrubber units (due to the constant and continuous traffic and manufacturing stress). It took 18 months of continuous use before the re-application of the MAXGLOSS Finish was required. Up to 6 thin coats were applied at the onset, using a 1:12 dilution ratio.


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