ECOGUARD Diamond Abrasives

Manufactured by ISI - Germany

Natural diamonds break and fracture unevenly during the grinding process, resulting in a consistent, aggressive scratch pattern. Synthetic diamonds often create problematic scratch marks, due to an even wear pattern, creating a rounded diamond surface which in effect gouges the surface, instead of fracturing unevenly and retaining a rough, abrasive profile. 

Metal tooling made from Titanium stay cooler, LAST LONGER, CUT FASTER and are very resistant to GLAZING!! (Ever ruin a good set of metal bonds due to glazing? We ran our 30/40 Titanium trapezoid metal bonds for over 40 minutes at > 1,600 RPM’s and they never glazed over!! Try to run at that speed with any other metal bonds and they will stop cutting in less than 15 minutes.

The SHARK is  designed to go from a 30/40 Grit metal bond grinding profile to polishing resins with ONE PASS with NO scratch marks!  Move effortlessly into resin polishing and complete your job sooner. This saves you at least 2 passes with standard tooling.

The hard resin bonds offered by the Watergloss polishing resins demonstrate all of the advantages of ceramic with none of the wear factors or undesirable ghosting or abrasion lines on the outer edge of the tool. The diamonds are embedded in a cutting-edge, ceramic-like resin bond and demonstrate excellent cutting and polishing, mounted on individual heads which contour the floor completely. The resulting gloss and distinction of image is greatly enhanced and there are no tell-tale signs of residual resins on the surface. 


A water based concentrated, non-hazardous biodegradable cleaning and etching compound.

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Densifier & Hardener

A water based colloidal silicate solution, which is non-hazardous, contains zero VOC's, and creates a permanent integral barrier. 

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Pore Filler

Pore Filler fills cracks, holes, scratches and hardens the surface all in one. It is a must have to develop the highest quality polished overlayment product.

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MaxGloss Primer & Finish

A truly penetrating, non-membrane forming surface protective finish that will absolutely dazzle with brilliance and color enhancement.

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Crack Repair Kit

2 part compound, repairs non-moving cracks and surface damage to match the surrounding floor. 

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Diamond Abrasives

These abrasives are truly revolutionary in design.

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Color Infusion

A uniquely formulated water soluble dye concentrate with better color depth and retention than solvent based dyes and none of the related hazards.

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Maintenance Pads

Diamond abrasive & polishing pads engineered for auto-scrubbers and high speed burnishers

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