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ECOGUARD HG Lithium Densifier & Hardener

The GREEN SOLUTION to permanent densification

for polished concrete surfaces.

Our most prolific formulation for surface densification, coupled with integral waterproofing, and penetration into the concrete mass to demonstrate high resistance to acid/chemical contaminant attacks, mitigate moisture vapor emissions, and maintain the integrity of the polished concrete surface and interior strengths. 

ECOGUARD HG Lithium Densifier & Hardener is a proprietary water base lithium silicate solution, which is non-hazardous, contains zero VOC's, and creates a permanent integral barrier. ECOGUARD Densifier & Hardener offers all of the advantages of sodium, silicate, with a superior micro-cellular composition resulting in increased depth penetration, surface densification abrasion resistance. Once applied, it demonstrates excellent resistance to moisture and promotes resistance to stains.  

ECOGUARD Densifier & Hardener is recommended to increase surface abrasion wear resistance for all polished concrete applications. 


  • A penetrating micro-pore proprietary lithium silicate compound
  • Reacts with free alkali to form a 100% solids water insoluble gel
  • Easy to apply by pump up sprayer
  • Significantly increases surface density
  • Promotes a high gloss polished surface
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Promotes water and stain repellence
  • Completely safe & environmentally friendly


LEED CREDIT CONSIDERATIONS: Materials and Resources: MR Credit 1.2-Building re-use. Indoor Environmental Quality: EQ Credits 4.2: Low emitting materials (VOC < 25 g/L). MR Credit 5.2: Regional materials-Greater than 20% extracted, processed and manufactured regionally at production location: Lemont IL 60439. 90% Content-Harvested within 500 miles.


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