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ECOGUARD™ Concrete Polishing System

ECOGUARD is a GREEN, user-friendly, environmentally safe, complete concrete polishing system with unique characteristics and properties. 
Our Concrete Polishing System increases surface density and abrasion resistance to its maximum potential. The systems forms an insoluble, unique 100% solids integral contaminant barrier, effectively, increasing internal and topical strength of the concrete slab. The completed hard floor surface exhibits high resistance to abrasion wear, stains, oils, and organic acid deterioration. ECOGUARD polished concrete floor surfaces exceed the National standards of Slip and Fall resistance under both wet and dry conditions. 
ECOGUARD's Concrete Polishing System can be used on new or old concrete surfaces with various grades of strength and surface tension, as well as Terrazzo, and Natural stone floors.
ECOGUARD Complete Concrete Polishing System enhances the visual appearance, physical characteristics, surface traction quality, and surface aesthetic quality of a concrete floor. It effectively enhances any Portland cement concrete floor, whether traffic-bearing or not, to its maximum integral strength and surface abrasion resistance, with an extremely desirable, and easily maintainable surface.
We invite you to test our materials, use our diamonds, and see the results for yourself.


A water based concentrated, non-hazardous biodegradable cleaning and etching compound.

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Pore Filler

Pore Filler fills cracks, holes, scratches and hardens the surface all in one. It is a must have to develop the highest quality polished overlayment product.

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Crack Repair Kit

2 part compound, repairs non-moving cracks and surface damage to match the surrounding floor. 

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Color Infusion

A uniquely formulated water soluble dye concentrate with better color depth and retention than solvent based dyes and none of the related hazards.

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