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Hard Floor Repair & Maintenance

10 Year Warranty Program

Concrete Earth, LLC offers a sustainable and long term warranty hard floor maintenance program, specifically engineered for polished concrete surfaces.

ECOGUARD is the only system specifically targeted to answer the challenges of the retail food service industry. It is comprised of a complete system from diamond abrasive pads to environmentally friendly chemical compounds for daily and periodic maintenance under the GREEN UMBRELLA 10 YEAR BLANKET WARRANTY program.

The warranty is a full coverage blanket warranty that allows the client to flat line their hard floor maintenance costs and accurately reflect budget constraints over 10 years – with renewable warranty contracts available at the end of the initial term. It is made possible through the association of installation contractors, janitorial companies and Concrete Earth through an exclusive certification program. Each service provider is thoroughly schooled on the proper system use of our abrasives and maintenance chemicals to ensure the long term sustainability and floor integrity.

Our capacity to offer this program is based on our association and shared responsibility with our Certified contractors accepting the responsibility to provide warranty related repairs and/or services if and as needed during the course of the program.

The client is responsible to maintain the guidelines set by Concrete Earth through its application standards. Each warranty identifies the warranted facility, and the maintenance program is customized to the declared use of said facility.

The ECOGUARD Hard Floor Rejuvenation system is based on a series of specialty manufactured diamond pad abrasives which are specifically designed to meet the standards of working restrictions with auto-scrubbers (low RPM and head pressure) and high speed burnishers (high RPM, very low point pressure). Our entire premise is to provide a systemic solution to perform repairs during off hours with no down time and no traffic restrictions.

For the retail food service industry, we provide proprietary solutions to known problems with organic acids and other food groups reputed for hard floor staining and contamination. Our systems are non-membrane forming barriers which protect the surface against stains, marring, heel marks, abrasion wear, salts/deicers and heavy foot traffic and contamination which is often more pronounced at the entrance and in the fresh vegetable and fruit areas of the store.

Our compounds are manufactured using Negative Electron Affinities properties to provide a superior protective barrier without forming the typical membrane coating as in most acrylic/urethane type protective floor finishes. This results in a crisp, clean, non-distorted reflective finish which is directly related to the level of gloss and distinction of image/clarity which is purported by the polishing process itself.

Concrete Earth is pleased to offer this system on a per location basis or on multi-store contracts in certain geographic locations for value assessment and functionality.


  1. ECOGUARD Maintenance Diamond/Resin abrasive pads.
    1. No. 1 & 2 – Complete removal of surface protective finishes and topical hardener
    2. No. 3 & 4 – Re-apply densifier and polish to a satin sheen
    3. No. 5 & 6 – Polish to a higher gloss as needed.

  2. ECOGUARD MaxGloss PLUS  - Heavy Duty Protective Barrier.
    1. Applied by Microfiber applicators at a rate of approx. 1,200 SF per gallon per application and using the ECOGUARD MaxGloss pads for the initial burnishing
      1. Primer: 3 thin applications with high speed burnishing between each application at 30-45 minutes intervals.
      2. Finish: 3 thin applications with intervals of 15-30 minutes between applications to ensure that product is dry to the touch.
      3. After an interval of 6-8 hours, high speed burnish using the ECOGUARD Hypergloss pads.

  3. ECOGUARD Daily Cleanser and Conditioner Maintenance program.
    1. Add the ECOGUARD Daily Cleanser to the clean water during regular maintenance schedules using auto-scrubbers and the ECOGUARD Daily Maintenance pad. Clean and run the squeegee as usual. The surface will dry to a nice gloss and burnished with standard hogs hair burnishing pads if a higher gloss is desired.
    2. Add the ECOGUARD Floor Conditioner once per week, during standard cleaning procedures. Simply add the recommended dosage to the clean water and run the auto-scrubber with the ECOGUARD daily maintenance pad as usual.
    3. Periodic re-applications of MaxGloss Plus can be scheduled as needed based on abrasion wear from heavy foot traffic. This can be as often as once per quarter to once a year.
    4. The warranty system requires a re-application of one thin layer of the MaxGloss Plus, at agreed upon intervals. The frequency of such re-applications is based on anticipated traffic and wear. Following the standard janitorial floor cleansing schedule, a single, thin application of MaxGloss Plus Finish is applied using a micro fiber applicator, allowed to dry 8 hours and burnished with the ECOGUARD Hypergloss pad.

  4. In order to have an effective blanket warranty with measurable enforcement, the Janitorial staff/contractor must be certified by Concrete Earth for the ECOGUARD Warranty program.Certified ECOGUARD contractors are the only authorized contractors to apply the entire ECOGUARD product line and perform any repairs as indicated by CE Tech Support on warranted work to completion. The sub-contractors on any warranty work must be Certified and approved by CE.  
    1. The janitorial entity must attend a one day workshop at Concrete Earth training facility in Kankakee, IL.
    2. Janitorial must maintain a log of events on all ECOGUARD chemicals and/or use of ECOGUARD diamond abrasive pads.
    3. Janitorial must contact CE tech support for any observed problems or performance issues.
    4. Janitorial will contact CE if any floor surface demonstrates unusual wear, stain or surface damage.
    5. Janitorial will not attempt to remedy any floor problems without the consent and recommended guidelines of CE after CE tech support or authorized representative evaluates the problem and comes up with a solution to provide a sustainable repair. Accidental floor damage due to non-warranted acts or circumstances will not be performed without prior approval from the client or approved representatives.

  5. Certified ECOGUARD contractors are the only authorized contractors to apply the entire ECOGUARD product line and perform any repairs as indicated by CE Tech Support on warranted work to completion. The sub-contractors on any warranty work must be Certified and approved by CE.


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