Available in 5" & 7" diameter

The mini-watergloss polishing pads are manufactured specifically for hand-held grinders to polish edges, stairs threads, around columns in exposed areas, and other hard to reach, yet exposed flooring surfaces.

The Mini-Watergloss resin pads are fitted with specifically engineered diamond resin stones for hand-held grinders. The stones are embedded and mounted on a fibrous pad for easier removal and cushioned grinding.

  • Available in grits from 15 thru 3,000
  • Easy to remove and change out with no breakage
  • Excellent grinding and polishing properties
  • Designed ergonomically for easier handling and use on hand held grinders
  • Little to no resin residual marks
  • Excellent gloss and DOI potential based on desired levels
  • Perfect match to Watergloss polishing resin finish – avoids shadow line.
  • Excellent on stair threads for vibrant, gloss finish


  • Professional tool for mirror finish of concrete floors
  • Elimination of scratches using # 100
  • Grits available from 15 to 3, 000 – NO scratches
  • Ideal for all PREP work without face grinding
  • Made to abate orange peel & polish hard floors
  • Ideal to apply & remove ECOGUARD Pore Filler