The 10-year full maintenance warranty protects against damaging stains from acidic food substances such as white vinegar as well as abrasion wear damage under normal pedestrian traffic bearing environments. The warranty is effective from the date of application of our system by a certified and approved contractor or janitorial service entity.

Warranty shall cover 100% of the cost to repair damaged areas from abrasion wear damage or staining from any of the listed compounds itemized below, completely for 10 years.

Initial project installation warranty information must be completed and sent to Concrete Earth, LLC prior to warranty going into effect. This war¬ranty is only in effect after the initial installation is completed by a Concrete Earth Certified and approved installer and when the required project documentation is filled out and surrendered to Concrete Earth. The installation of the initial product(s), using the cleaning and abrasive ECOGUARD pads must meet be in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s printed application instructions. It is important to note that any spill of any product must be removed as rapidly as possible. For the approved list of tested food products below, please note that any spill must be cleaned up within the indicated maximum time.

Once the warranty is approved and in effect after the initial installation/application, the Certified and/or approved Janitorial service individuals and/or company must comply with the approved daily, weekly and periodic regimen of cleaning and conditioning using ECOGUARD floor products. In order to maintain an easy reference log, Concrete Earth will supply daily and weekly sheets and/or computer accessible logs to verify adherence to the approved maintenance standards.  Failure to maintain such logs may result in voiding certain warrantable repairs, if any.

Warranty does not apply if any of the following occur: structural defects or changes, faulty construction, physical abuse or vandalism, natural disasters, or other causes beyond the control of the manufacturer and the installer.

No additional warranty, either expressed or implied, is made concerning the quality, fitness for use, or otherwise, of this installation and the exclusive sole remedy of the owner under this warranty is expressly limited to the supplying of labor and material as stated above, and in no case shall it be applicable to property or contents.


  MaxGlossPlus - STAIN RESISTANCE - ( 2 Hours Maximum Clean up Window) 

  • White and/or Red Vinegar
  • Pickle Juice
  • Concentrated Lime or Lemon Juice
  • Tomato based soups, sauces, paste or other.
  • Mustard – All.
  • All produce
  • Salts/De-icing compounds
  • Organic digestible oils
  • Soft Drinks
  • Spirits and Wine


Concrete Earth, LLC (Manufacturer) certifies and warrants that the ECOGUARD™ Concrete Polishing system will meet or exceed the standards set forth on

Section 03510 Polished Concrete Finishing

Based on the proper application of the ECOGUARD™ system, by an approved installer, on a stable concrete slab, with characteristics equal to or greater than the typical concrete mix design used for core testing under accredited lab testing methods as indicated below, Manufacturer warrants as follows:

Section 1:3
Abrasion resistance: ASTM C779 Method A – provide a high resistance to no more than 0.008 inch (0.20 mm) wear in 30 minutes. ECOGUARD™ Pore Filler and/or Hardener & Densifier meets or exceeds criteria.

Reflectivity: Increase of 35% as determined by standard gloss meter. ECOGUARD™ Concrete Polishing System meets or exceeds criteria.

Waterproof Properties: Rilem Test Method 11.4, 70% or greater reduction in absorption. ECOGUARD™ Pore Filler and Hardener/Densifier meet or exceed criteria.

High Traction Rating: NFSI 101-A – non-slip properties. ECOGUARD™ MaxGloss Protective Barrier meets or exceeds criteria.

ECOGUARD™ Pre-Grind and ECOGUARD™ Color Infusion are not subject to any required application standard testing. Both products are formulated with GREEN compounds, and meet or exceed similar products used in concrete polishing applications. Both are proprietary eco-friendly formulations in water borne solutions, using organic and botanical compounds.


Manufacturer strongly encourages mock ups for on-site testing, color absorption and retention, reflectivity and gloss evaluation based on specified grit requirements, and other testing evaluations which are of primary concern to the Architect, Developer, Contractor, and/or Property Owner.

If specific concerns require the evaluation of the ECOGUARD™ MaxGloss Protective Barrier for resistance to certain chemicals, whereby the floor being completed is subject to such abuse and contamination, we strongly advise that on site testing and resistance analysis be performed. Time testing for resistance to staining and/or loss of gloss or surface etching is recommended at 24 & 48 hours intervals, performed on a mock up and evaluated on site. This provides added assurance that the correct protective sealer is applied.

Manufacturer provides other proprietary certified sealers, which may be preferred in some instances or may be applied in addition to the recommended ECOGUARD™ MaxGloss Barrier.

The ECOGUARD™ MaxGloss Protective Barrier offers a long term, sustainable and proven floor finish, which excels in protecting the mechanical shine and concrete surface. It is easily maintained and brought back to a high gloss with daily cleansing, periodic conditioning, and re-application as outlined in the ECOGUARD™ Repair & Maintenance 10 Year Warranty Program. ECOGUARD™ provides an inexpensive and easy to maintain long term solution.


Concrete Earth, LLC is an affiliate of Specco Industries, Inc., which has 38 years of manufacturing history, producing ancillary concrete products in the Greater Chicago area. Specco is a recognized Midwest Manufacturer of both powdered and liquid blends specific to the concrete segment of the construction industry, with a multitude of proprietary products approved and specified by IDOT and CDOT.

Concrete Earth was formed in partnership with Specco to manufacture decorative concrete products and implement new systems for distribution throughout the US and International markets, in partnership with authorized wholesale and retail centers of concrete construction materials.